Bob the Superdog


Bob lives with Wanda. Bob dreams of being a superhero and having super powers to match. No cat too cunning or squirrel too nutty will stand in the way of his quest to have his own cape and mask, and maybe even a film franchise! Meanwhile Wanda dreams of the news that could change their lives forever.

When we first started thinking about making a show about a dog who wanted to be a superhero, that was exactly what it was – a family show about a dog. As we started to think about what it might be like to be Bob and to be so closely linked, as all dogs are, with their humans, we realised that this was about a relationship. That incredible bond between dogs and humans that cannot be broken: that bond that every dog owner knows when they meet the gaze of their best friend.

Wanda is a graphic designer who creates superheroes and is hoping to work for one of the top companies in the world – a job that would mean re-locating to the USA. Bob is a feisty, happy, excitable chum who follows Wanda’s every move and is as interested in Wonder Woman as she is. Together they make a winning team – one intent on world domination, the other chasing around trying to find his super-power. Will either or both succeed? Or will tragedy strike and nearly put an end to their quests? Follow Bob and Wanda for 50 minutes to find out!

Actor with Bob puppet

Woodville Theatre Company worked with Russell Dean at Strangeface to create a magical puppet that within seconds morphs, in audiences’ minds, into Bob The Superdog. Pupeteered by one person, Bob speaks to the audience and Wanda speaks to Bob, feeling like she understands everything he is thinking. Bob can interact with the children and Wanda’s work in her laptop can be seen on the big screen so we get right into the heart of our characters. Children love Bob and adults love the relationship between the two characters. There really is something for everyone here. Why not find out for yourself?

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